Thursday, March 26, 2015

Doctors Suck: Patients and Pharmaceutical Reps Respond

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 30 years one immutable fact remains. American doctors are even bigger pieces of shit than ISIS. Here are some patients and pharmaceutical reps are saying:

Paul writes: Most of these bastards would shit on their mother for a dollar. Most got into medicine for the MONEY not for humanity. Are you surprised that they seek to be "paid" for the scripts they write?

Diane writes:'re just figuring this out...?

Bob writes: Actually, they shit on their patients and not their mothers. Many of my docs would put their mothers and family on my drug and only put their patients on generics.

The real devils are the HMOs and hospitals. Their formularies have nothing to do with saving lives and what's best for people. It is strictly all about the bottom dollar.

HMOs force doctors and patients to take off-label generics prior to getting on-label medications.

Hospitals will pull people off of their medication completely or replace it with an off-label drug or another drug in its class, regardless of efficacy or even safety. Hospitals will only stock one drug per class of medicine because they got it the cheapest.

Rhea a pharmaceutical sales rep writes: What about the specialists who hound you for free samples for themselves? An interventional cardiologist who makes millions of dollars per year, lives in a 10,000 square foot home, just brought out the Lamborghini out for the spring and has a condo in Dubai hounds you for Lipitor samples for himself has no freaken moral compass at all. The $4 copay card isn't good enough, they want FREE samples.

Diane writes: they don't miss a free lunch on the hospital either. I wonder if this is added into the cost of a hospital stay?

Karen a bulling clerk writes: One of my docs has a daughter who works three blocks away and every time there is a lunch in that office, an extra lunch is ordered for the daughter. She just sashays in, picks up her little Styrofoam box, thanks no one, and leaves. Actually, I'm surprised lunch is not ordered for her husband and his parents.

Tim writes:  I really hate ungrateful people. All she has to do is say thank you. But noooooo. These asshats think they are entitled! Paul is right. They ARE greedy bastards...who are raising greedy entitled bastards as kids. Physicians SUCK.

Rhea a pharmaceutical sales rep writes: I love bringing in lunch for all who need some really good food to make their day happier. I encourage spouses and sibs to attend. I really love it when they can bring in their pets. Everyone is so happy and I am the one who provided the happiness. I am so fulfilled in this career.

Tom a pharmaceutical sales rep writes: The Indian docs are the worst. Everytime I do a lunch, the wife and middle school aged kid show up and chow down. The neuro drives a new Mercedes.

Cal a pharma rep writes: Two weeks ago I brought in lunch to an office, Greek food, gyros, salad, etc., and one of the receptionists (two ton Tess) stuck her head in the break room and barked at me, "What is it?" When I replied it was Greek from the deli around the corner she said, "Oh.....yuck" And left. Sometimes the staff can be just as rude. They hire sociopaths.

Rhea a pharmaceutical sales rep writes: Yes, that is why I love watching those big fat fuckers eat the most unhealthy food I bring for them. Go ahead fatty, have another plate of unhealthy food, have a brownie and coke for desert and then go sit in your chair on the phone with pts all day and not burn off a single calorie. You are getting fatter by the second. Thanks for being rude, karma is a bitch sometimes. Eat on fatties.

Cal a pharma rep writes: My doc loves the double fried cheeseburgers before he does his pelvic exams.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Good News About Doctors

It turns out that male MDs kill themselves 70% more than other professionals and that female kill themselves 250% more than other professionals.

Click here for more on how and why doctors commit suicide.

Fat Bastardo's Op Ed:

The good news is that they are killing themselves at a rate much higher than the national average but those are the ones with a shred of a conscience left but at least they are dead and doing no harm.


Male doctors killed themselves at a rate 70 percent higher than other professionals; among female doctors, that rate ranged from 250 to 400 percent higher.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Microsoft Virus Scam (844) 809-5828

Some fucker in New Delhi India are running a scare ware virus scam. Since I, Fat Bastardo can't go there and beat the shit out of them and break their fingers and cut off their cocks and feed them to them at gun point I can only rely on my readers to call them up at this number and fuck with them.

They are not part of Microsoft corporation. The are criminals who steal your financial information.

If you have the virus here is a link on how to get rid of it.

Here's what others are saying.

Call these bastards and call them often (844) 809-5828. Do it from Google phone so that they can't call you back. Shut them down!

Related: Assholes like those bastards in India also install Creepware that can turn you computer on an off, steal passwords and turn on your web cam. Click here for Anderson Cooper's report. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cops Shot In Ferguson: False Flag?

Let's look at what we know to be true.

Jeffery Williams is alleged to have fired 3 shots from a .40 cal pistol at police from 125 yards away wounding one officer in the shoulder and the other in the face.

1. It is next to impossible to hit a human sized target with a pistol from 125 yards.

2. A .40 cal would do a lot of serious damage especially to the cop's face.

Here are the ballistics. By the time the .40 call bullet goes 125 yards if drops about 10". Its velocity is around 850 feet per second at 125 yards down range. Its energy is around 300 ft/pounds. By contrast a .22 long rifle at 125 yards fired from a rifle will be moving at around 550 feet per second and will deliver about 20 ft/pounds of energy. That is more than enough to penetrate a human skull. The 40, caliber round is a whopping 15 times more powerful at 125 yards than a .22 long rifle round.

Bottom line is that if the cop who was shot in the cheek bone was really shot in the cheek bone with a 180 grain .40 caliber bullet traveling at 850 feet per second he would be either dead or horribly disfigured. He would not have gone to the ER and released after an hour with a band aid and a lollipop. He would be seriously fucked up and you can bet your ass that the spin doctors at Ferguson PD and the whore media would be spreading his picture all over the news like the did with Darren Wilson's tiny red mark on his face from an alleged punch by slain teen Michael Brown.

3. Shooter left shell casings in the car for cops to find. Why?

4. Shooter may also have been the driver and the car was moving when the three shots were in rapid succession by a rank amateur. He did not have time to acquire and target between shots.

5. Shooter, Jeffrey Williams, is a 20 year old with no training. Even for an experienced and trained shooter hitting anyone on any part of their body at that distance with a hand gun even with a scope is damned near impossible. Pistols such as the .40 cal Glock are meant for close range defense,  around 25 feet. And Glocks are considered by many to be among the best handguns made for their reliability, ease of use and accuracy. They are the preferred weapon of law enforcement.

In the video below the expert shooter is firing a .40 cal and short range. Notice all the misses and this guy is a well practiced professional pistol shooter who can out shoot most cops and cops are damn good with their sidearms.

The guy in this video could not make the shot that the alleged shooter is alleged to have made.

This video shows the recoil of a 40 cal. Listen to what he shooter says at the end when describing the .40 caliber.

This sounds like a set up?

See how the media is complicit in Ferguson and other false flag events.

Look at the marks on this guy's head, face and neck. Do you think maybe this 20 year old man was roughed up by the cops? Also if this guy is a street thug as the press is saying why does he have an expensive gun and not some cheap throw away gun?  

Where are the photo of the wounded officers who spent about an hour in the ER and then released?

Related: Jeffrey Williams Arrested for Ferguson Cop Shooting 


I knew this cop shooting thing was BULLSHIT and since I originally published this investigative report and OP the alleged shooter Jeffery Williams recants. I suggested that the cops beat the shit out of him and now he confirms that the cops beat the shit out of him.

This guy, Jerryl Christmas is the alleged shooter's lawyer. Here he is on Twitter. Click Here


Activist · Attorney at Law · Government Relations · Public Relations · Public Speaking Contact: 314-997-7700

Jerryl Christmas bills himself as being in government relations. It is the government who is prosecuting the shooter. Public relations people are almost always scumbags and he is listed as an activist. Does this joker look like someone who you would trust?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Why Women Should Not Be Allowed to Own Guns

Dr. Geraldine Richter, a 42-year-old orthopedic surgeon, was acquitted June 4 by District Judge Robert J. Smith.
Stopped for driving erratically while transporting her three children, Dr. Richter used abusive language and tried to kick a state trooper in the groin, the officer testified. Dr. Richter flunked a Breathalyzer test for blood-alcohol content.
Her lawyer, David Sher, used a two-pronged defense to raise what the judge called a reasonable doubt of intoxication. One expert witness said that the blood-alcohol reading was skewed higher because Dr. Richter had held her breath. Dr. Emine Cay, a gynecologist, testified that Dr. Richter's conduct was consistent with PMS/PMDD. 
A surprisingly rare legal claim in light of the widespread public awareness of the cyclical malady, Dr. Richter's reliance on PMS to excuse her behavior is dividing feminists, lawyers and health care professionals.
"It's fair that PMS should be admissible in a court of law, because really, for many women, there's nothing they can do to control it," said Gloria Allred, a California attorney active on women's legal issues.

Fat Bastardo's Op Ed:
The following statement by Shirley Sagawa chief feminazi of the National Woman's Law Center shows that there is a war brewing in the legions of feminazis who waddle in goosestep/lockstep.

"This decision just gives ammunition to people who want to deny women particular jobs," said Shirley Sagawa of the National Women's Law Center. "It reinforces the stereotypes that a lot of people have about PMS -- that there is a certain time of the month when women become completely irrational and dangerous.

Fat Bastardo's Op Ed:
Population studies have shown that up to to 60 percent of women report having at least "mild symptoms" of premenstrual syndrome. Generally occurring in the four days before menstruation, symptoms can include aggressiveness, irritability, alcohol intolerance, headaches, bloating and breast tenderness. The cause remains unknown, with hormonal imbalances providing one theory. Injections of the progesterone hormone have reportedly helped some women.
Studies of female prisoners have shown that women commit more crimes during a premenstrual week than at any other time.

PMS stands for Premenstrual Syndrome and really bad PMS (It's all really bad) is called PMDD which stands for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disoroder. What PMS really means is Prepare to Meet Satan.

Not ever the staunchest NRA member would support the notion of allowing mentally ill people to have guns. The science is clear: sixty percent of women are mentally ill and therefore should not be allowed to own a gun.

There is no cure for PMDD or PMS in general except for an oophorectomy (which I believe would definitely be the best available option and should be done to women 35 and over). Also, as mentioned earlier, PMS/PMDD is for all intents and purposes a mental disorder that makes women extremely violent and dangerous. Putting a gun in the hands of a violent and crazy estrogen fueled woman is simply asking for trouble. PMS/PMDD is a psycho-biological scientific certainty. There is no disputing the fact that PMS/PMDD is real and serious mental disorder that effects most women.

For exampleschizophrenia, a form of psychosis that currently qualifies for the insanity defense, is associated with dysfunctions in the dopamine, serotonin, GABA and norepinephrine pathways. Similarly, research on the pathophysiology of PMDD has suggested abnormalities in serotonin and GABreceptors in addition to heightened sensitivity to normal fluctuations of estrogen and progesterone. It can be suggested then, that further research provides the potential that PMDD, like psychosis, could qualify as a defense of diminished capacity.
Women knowing this will go on killing sprees and blame their fucked up ovaries. They will get away with it. Women should not be allowed to have guns.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Frigid Wife Jokes

It's a fact, 46% of women are sexually dysfunctional and in older women that percentage is higher. Until the scumbag medical industry starts prescribing testosterone to women they will continue to be sickly nasty moody ice cubes.

I, Fat Bastardo will probably remain a bachelor. I only know one married guy who's not in a shitty and sexless marriage. I look at things in practical terms. Now that I am at a healthy weight I don't have to buy whores but I still do. At least a working whore is honest and while some of you think I am paying for sex know this. I am not paying them for sex, I am paying them to leave. I am not saying that there are not honorable women out there but they are few and far between, If I come across one I, Fat Bastardo may have a relationship with her.

In the meantime I will objectify these whores and treat them like the the psycho cum dumps that they truly are.  

Like the auto mechanic in the TV commercial says, "you can pay me now or you can pay be later".  

Here are the jokes courtesy of Sickopedia. Click HERE

I had to defrost the fridge last night before bed.

Or foreplay, as she calls it.


Sex with my wife has depreciated like Coca Cola.

"Cocaine", "Caffeine", "Light" and now "Zero".

I was having sex with my wife and stopped and asked, "Did I hurt you?"
"No. Why do you think you hurt me?"
"Because you moved."


I couldn't believe my luck when my wife suggested a sex holiday. 

"Oooh," I said, "what did you have in mind?"

"6 months," she replied, "or maybe a year if I'm still not in the mood.



My wife is so frigid her cunt is vegetarian



I'm not saying my ex was frigid, but to put it in computer terms, I would call her a "pop-up blocker"



3 guys are sitting in a pub.
First guy: 'my wife is so frigid, when I put an ice cube in her belly button, after a day it's still frozen'
Second guy: 'That's nothing. When I poor water in her belly button, after a day it's still frozen'
Third guy: 'Hear this: when my wife spreads her legs, the central heating system switches on!'



Daily Mail Online: Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider in Cerne, Switzerland, have announced the discovery of the world's smallest ever drops of liquid.

Where were they looking, my wife's vagina?



I've been out with loads of girls but they all seem to be really inhibited and never want to get down and dirty with me.

Guess I'm just a real fridge magnet.



Talking to the wife last night about the amazing things they can do with people's limbs. Hip replacements etc
I said, "They should do something with your legs love"
"What's wrong with em?" She asked, stroking the soft skin on her milky white calf.
"They won't fuckin' open any more!"

When the police told me that my frigid wife had been raped, I wanted to laugh.

But I'd forgotten how.



For the last few weeks, my wife has been really cold to my advances in bed. So I decided to try a different approach.

I sprayed her in the face with de-icer.


I can't stand much more of this hot weather.

It looks like the only way I'll cool down is by trying to have sex with my frigid wife.


Think women are not gold digging whores? Watch this video!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

FDA NRA 3 in Texas Killed That Day

Yahoo News Reports 3 Dead and 4 wounded In Texas Shooting Rampage

OK folks, most of you know where this is going. It's been years since the Sikh temple massacre and now we have a massacre in Texas near the the campus of  Texas A&M. The shooter Thomas "Tres" Caffall killed a police officer with one of his semi automatic rifles.

Texas is full of a lot of right wing nuts who hate the police and any form of authority so that may have been motivation but one thread that runs through all these mass shooting is prescription medication namely SSRI antidepressants such as Wellbutrin, Paxil, Prozac or the drug Seroquel that is causing vets to commit suicides and homicide
Thomas "Tres" Caffall

It's already been established that Caffall was a gun nut.
His Face Book Account
One of his sniper rifles
More of his arsenal.