Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bigger Fatter Politics Is Endorsing Claire McCaskill and Elizabeth Warren for President and VP

By Editor:

This may come as a shock to to my readers. As you know I Fat Bastardo am a proud male chauvinist and antagonist to fat feminists. I also like treating women as sex objects and if I were rich and physically fit I'd be a womanizer. As you know every rule has an exception.

There is no man in congress as smart or as principled as senators Elizabeth Warren and Claire McCaskill. I know what you are thinking. D.C. is full of scumbags so anyone with an ounce of integrity would look good. Claire and Liz have a whole lot of integrity. We all know that Senator Warren is becoming a hero to the middle class and a thorn in the side of the criminal corporations. Claire McCaskill is not chopped liver either. Claire is the US senator who outed Dr Oz for the filthy liar that he is. That took a lot of courage. Fat girls swoon over Dr Oz and that fat pig hypocrite Oprah has a lot of clout. Dr Oz is Oprah's flunky.

The biggest problem in America is not the police state or our war mongering. The biggest problem is the plutocracy and the plutocracy is the banks and medical corporations. Claire will kick the shit out of the medical industry and Liz will kick the shit out of the financial industry. These two broads could be the one two punch that is needed to win America back from the 1%.

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Claire McCaskill
Liz and Claire are the one to punch America needs!

Cheney Gitmo Torture

This video sums up Dick Cheney's many lies. 

Dick Cheney is a traitor.

Dick Cheney ordered torture.

Dick Cheney lies.

Dick Cheney war crimes? YES!

Dick Cheney is war criminal.

Dick Cheney need to be tried for war crimes.

Last train to Nuremberg!
Last train to Nuremberg!
Last train to Nuremberg!
All on board!

Do I see Lieutenant Calley?
Do I see Captain Medina?
Do I see General Koster and all his crew?
Do I see President Nixon?
Do I see both houses of Congress?
Do I see the voters, me and you?


Who held the rifle? Who gave the orders?
Who planned the campaign to lay waste the land?
Who manufactured the bullet? Who paid the taxes?
Tell me, is that blood upon my hands?


If five hundred thousand mothers went to Washington
And said, "Bring all of our boys home without delay!"
Would the man they came to see, say he was too busy?
Would he say he had to watch a football game?
Songwriters: PETER SEEGER
Last Train To Nuremberg lyrics © FIGS. D MUSIC, INC. , FIGS. D MUSIC INC OBO SANGA MUSIC

Here is my rewrite

Who lied to congress about WMDs?
Who lied to the UN about WMD's?
Who ordered the torture?
Who justified the torture?
Who attacked the wrong country?
Who protected Osama bin Laden?
Who ignored the the 911 warnings?

Do I see Dick Cheney?
Do I see John Brennan?
Do I see Colin Powell?
Do I see George W Bush?
Do I see Condaleeza Rice?
Do I see Donald Rumsfeld?
Do I see Karl Rove?
Do I see Rush Limbaugh?
Do I see Ann Coulter?
Do I see Fox News?

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Senate report reveals how the intelligence agency used media to ‘push back’ against G-Men. ‘We either put our story out or we get eaten,’ one spy said

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Private Sector Job Creation Bush vs Obama

Teabagger and NeoCONs suck a lot of cock. They suck each other's cocks and they suck a great deal of corporate cock, In fact they suck much cock that they have lost the ability to tell fact from fiction but worse than that they are so busy sucking cock that they are blinded with cum.

Here's a little test for the cock sucking neo CONS and other sperm brokers.

Based on the above chart who created the most jobs? Bush or Obama

True or False: The was a net loss of 462,000 jobs with Bush was president.

True or False: Obama created more private sector jobs than Bush.

You filthy fucking racist Obama haters, next time you go to the range to compensate for your inadequate dicks, bring one of these.

When it comes to jobs, about all you cons create are blow jobs. Now run along and suck a dick and die of AIDS and suffer.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Criminal Florida Doctor Spits Blood in Cops Face

Just the words criminal, Florida and doctor say a lot. Florida is the epicenter for the trillions of dollars of yearly medical fraud so it is not all that unusual to hear about some scumbag Florida MD breaking the law. Zachary Charles Bird MD was driving drunk and he side swiped a police car. The police gave chase and caught him.

This happened in May 2012 and this piece of shit MD is still practicing medicine in  the shit hole state of Florida. The word is he is working at a pain clinic aka pill mill.

Troopers found a vial of ketamine, used in anesthesia, on Bird, according to WFTV.com.
They previously disclosed that they found $40,000 in Bird's pockets. Results of what, if anything, was in Bird's system, have not been disclosed.
Ketamine is a hallucinogen that can cause delirium, amnesia, impaired motor function and respiratory failure, according to theantidrug.com.
To read the article, go to wftv.com.
This shit head spit blood on three Florida State Troopers. That is serious shit. I wish he had done it to a member of the NYPD. They'd have beaten him into a coma but because he was a doctor he did not spend one day in jail. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

If People Were Corporations

When that lying douche bag Mitt Romney and the douche bags on US Supreme Court declared corporations people then it would follow that people are also corporations and we enjoy the same rights and privileges as corporations as based on the ruling of the knuckle heads on the US Supreme Court. Since companies have been granted the same rights and privileges as citizens then it would follow that people be given the same rights as corporations. The fact is American corporations have rights and privileges that people don't have but would love to have.

From a financial and economic perspective: People pay taxes on their world wide income. For instance if you did work in Canada or Mexico you would be required by law to declare that income and pay taxes on it. American corporations are not required by law to pay taxes on their incomes providing they don't bring that money back to the US but keep it in the Cayman Island for instance like Mitt Romney Corp does.

According to Martin Sullivan the chief economist at Tax Analysts, if people were treated like corporations I could set up and affiliate and call it Fat Bastardo Corp Mexico have it pay my college tuition and then declare that the affiliate owns the owns the resulting degree. I could then tell the IRS that everything I earn above the average high school grad's income should be recorded as income in Mexico, since it is all derived from a Mexican based asset i.e, Fat Bastardo Corp Mexico.

On federal income tax forms individuals can deduct sales taxes they paid or state income taxes they paid but not both but companies can deduct both. SWEET!

As to gay marriage: If people were treated like corporations we would be able to "merge" with whomever we want with no concern about restrictive marriage laws according to UCLA law professor Adam Winkler.

Here's the best part! Even if you stole a house, raided pension funds, killed someone, funded a genocidal regime such as big pharma or terrorized the global economy you wouldn't go to jail. If you become a corporation you are essentially above the law.

If you want to become a corporation and be above the law it's easy, simply fill out form 1120-S by clicking here.

Police State USA

The following articles are from Police State USA. You can read them in their entirety there.